Death conspiracy of Victoria “The Prodigy” Lee: She Died at Just 18 Years Of Age

victoria lee cause of death
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A rising talent in mixed martial arts, Victoria “The Prodigy” dies at 18 on January 7, 2023. Lee Ken Lee, a Chinese-Singaporean father, and his Korean-born Canadian mother (Jewelz Lee) gave birth to her on May 17, 2004, in Waipahu, Hawaii, United States, according to ONE Championship and her family. She was eighteen. she remains unbeaten in the last three fights.


victoria lee cause of death

Victoria Lee won the junior world title in the contemporary version of pankration, an ancient Greek wrestling style. Angela, her sister is the ONE Championship’s Atomweight world champion . and her brother is The ONE lightweight champion. At age 16, she competed in her first MMA match. Her last match took place in September 2021. The young Lee, according to the ONE website, had put the competition on hold in 2022 in order to concentrate on finishing high school, she intended to make a significant comeback in 2023.

But she didn’t have luck on her side.

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In a post on social media, her sister Angela Lee stated that Victoria Lee passed away on December 26. Her death’s cause wasn’t made public.


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Our family has been crushed ever since she passed away, according to Angela Lee. “She is missed. than anything else in the world. Never again will our family be the same. Never again will life be the same.

“Sis, you are sorely missed. more than you could possibly imagine. We are all damaged. Because you left us with bits of yourself that were ripped out of each of us. Never again will we be the same.

A tweet from ONE Championship also confirmed the woman’s demise.

The organization noted, “The ONE Championship team is grieved at the untimely passing of Victoria Lee. We offer her family and friends our deepest sympathies during this trying time.

Chatri Sityodtong, the CEO and chairman of ONE Championship posted on social media about Lee’s passing.

I am devastated by the loss of Victoria Lee. Victoria was 11 years old when we first met. She developed throughout the years as a martial artist and a person, and I witnessed that happen,” he said. “I always recall thinking how mature, considerate, and selfless she was for her age. She was undoubtedly a remarkable martial arts prodigy even back then, but I could see she was so much more. Victoria had a sharp mind and the purest heart of gold. She put the needs of others above her own. She desired to contribute to the world with her life. Victoria will always be in my memory for being the lovely and priceless person that she was.
Additionally, Sityodtong sent Lee’s family his condolences.

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Victoria Lee’s Death Claims and Assumptions

victoria lee cause of death

Right away after hearing the untimely death of Victoria Lee, anti-vaccination campaigners asserted that the 18-year-old rising MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) star was a victim of the COVID-19 vaccine sudden adult death syndrome (SADS)!

There is no proof Victoria Lee died as a result of vaccine SADS!

Anti-vaccine advocates now routinely attribute all athlete fatalities or illnesses on the COVID-19 vaccine.
Here are some of the reasons why this is just another instance of FAKE NEWS that anti-vaccination campaigners have developed and spread:
Vaccine Side Effects Show Up Within Days or Hours
Victoria Lee has never publicly stated her vaccination status, although it is likely that she had her final dose of COVID-19 immunization before September 21, 2021.

The reason for this is that at the time, Singapore demanded that all foreign visitors enter the nation completely immunized. In order to be ready for her match versus Victoria Souza on September 21, 2021, Victoria Lee would need to take her second dose at least two weeks in advance of her flight into Singapore.

Official information about Victoria Lee’s demise is currently unavailable.

People Claiming She Might Have Committed Suicide

While Victoria’s sister, Angela, did not specify how she passed away, she might have hinted that Victoria had committed suicide Considering that she was scheduled to defend her championship in a ONE championship on Prime Video event on Saturday, January 14, 2023 she might not be ready as she was away from MMA since September 2021, In an Instagram post. She urged everyone to “keep checking on loved ones,” to “check in on loved ones,” and to “tell them how much they mean to you.”

That is essentially the strongest indication you can get (from a distraught sister) that Victoria Lee might have committed suicide.




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