Valorant Agent 19 Release Date, Leak, Appearance, Powers, and More

Valorant Agent 19
Valorant Agent 19

Valorant is a F2P first-person shooter game produced by Riot Games. It was released back in 2020 and since then, the company has been adding several new features to the game to make it more playable and popular. Right now, Valorant is one of the most famous games across the planet with its users amounting to several thousand.

One of the most crucial aspects of Valorant is its special agents that users acquire to play with. With time, Riot Games release each new agent that possesses its special abilities and story. This time, the latest teaser revealed some information related to Agent 19 and we may see her soon in the game. Let’s discuss Valorant Agent 19 release date, appearance, and more we know.

Valorant Agent 19

Valorant Agent 19 Release Date

Riot Games hasn’t announced the release date for Agent 19 yet. However, since the teaser is out, you can expect the character to appear in the video game this year itself. If the speculations are correct, we may see the introduction of the character into the game in the upcoming month.

If we go by the history of new launches by Riot Games for the character introduction, you may expect the character to arrive in the game by episode 4 of act 1. Hence it is highly likely for Agent 19 to be available to play in mid-January or early February. We are hoping things go according to the schedule, but it’s also possible for an unexpected delay to occur.

Note that there’s still one agent missing that Riot Games hasn’t announced yet. They’ve likely hidden it for some reason and make a surprising appearance of it. So if the production company decides to bring in this unknown agent first, the release of agent 29 may face some delay. But since there’s no news regarding that, we are pretty much sure that agent 19 will make her debut at the earliest.

Valorant Agent 19

Agent 19 Appearance

The first image of Agent 19 is out along with her name. Her name is Neon and she seems to have Filipino origin as many fans had speculated from the previous teasers. Over the past few teasers, fans of the games had already pointed out the appearance of a new character, however, Riot Games hadn’t identified her.

When VCT Stage 1 Masters teaser was released back in 2020, there was a silhouette of a character in it. However, her appearance wasn’t particularly revealed. But fans were fast to point out that Riot Games was onto something. Fast forward to one year and fans were right about it. We have a new character and her name is Neon.

Agent 19 Powers

As of yet, we haven’t received any information related to the powers or abilities of Agent 19. However, from what we’ve seen from the teasers, it is evident that Neon is a Dualist type of agent. If you’ve played Valorant already, you may know that there are 4 classes of agents which are namely Duelist, Sentinel, Initiator, and Controller.

As we know, Duelist is an attack-type agent. Along with the attacking, they also do the task of mapping the bomb site and retrieving the information for the team. Neon will likely play the role of leading the charge and be the first one to deliver the first instance of attack.

Neon’s power element is likely going to be electricity as we’ve seen from the teaser. It is a unique power that will enable her to perform long-range attacks efficiently and provide support to her team. Furthermore, it works as a great asset for leading the charge and taking down the enemy in bundles. It is a great power and will make a spectacular addition to the squad of agents.

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