V Route Emails: Guide and Solutions for Mystic Messenger Email

v route emails

One of the most well-known visual novels now on the market is called Mystic Messenger. It provides an interactive platform, incredible visuals, and engaging life decisions that mesh seamlessly into the action. You have undoubtedly encountered emails if you have been using Mystic Messenger for a time. Let’s quickly review them.

What Do Emails in Mystic Messenger Look Like?

v route emails

With Mystic Messenger, you may hold a lot of gatherings and invite lots of people. This aids with game progression and is necessary if you want to take the 707 route. You must send out email invitations to your events, which will be followed by questions from your guests. Correctly answering these questions will enable you to unlock every positive ending and go through the game considerably more quickly.
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What Role Do Emails Play in Mystic Messenger?

Yes, emails play a significant role in Mystic Messenger. The only way to invite friends and other characters to your party is through them. Your odds of success increase with the number of characters who attend your party. For the final day of the 11-day Mystic Messenger cycle, you will ideally need to invite a number of people.
10 confirmed guests are ideal for your final day RFA celebration in order to have a good conclusion. Remember that this is only relevant for the standard narrative mode. You will want at least 16 visitors if you are playing the deep mode or the V and Ray route in order to have a shot at attaining the highest potential resolution for your current situation.

How do you make sure that everyone shows up to the last-day party?

v route emails

Therefore, if your last day, i.e., the 11th-day party, has the right amount of attendees, you will be able to receive the ideal finish throughout the 11-day cycle of Mystic Messenger. Follow the instructions below to make sure this occurs.
Open the first email, then properly respond. The visitor will then send you another email as a result.
Open the following email and respond appropriately there as well.
Your mailbox will now receive a third email. AVOID opening this one. Wait till day 11 of the game. Open and read each of your guest’s third emails once the eleventh day has passed to ensure that your plot has a happy ending.

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How Are Emails Answered?

After you send the invitation, each character/guest in Mystic Messenger will ask you three further questions. If you provide the right information, you can be sure that the guest will come to your party. If even one is off, the guest will be unable to join the celebration. For this reason, you might find the list of right responses below useful.

A Manual for Email Responses

@: The symbol for usernames is @. They are all currently listed alphabetically. Finding the visitor you’re looking for will be simpler as a result.
When you will encounter the specific guest in question, this will assist your plan. You can use this to locate visitors whose usernames you don’t know or have forgotten.
Email Answers: Listed here, in the appropriate order, are all three emails that were answered for that particular guest.
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