Utah Hiker Stalked from Cougar for 6 Minutes, Miraculously Survives

Utah Hiker Stalked by Cougar for 6 Minutes, Miraculously Survives
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A Guy adventuring via a Utah hiking Route stumbled upon Possibly the Oddest thing That You Might find in the wild — a Pretty big Kitty predator — That Monitored him to Get 6 Frightening Moments.

Kyle Burgess published a complete movie of this frightening experience that went this weekend down in what he states is that the Slate Canyon Trail nearby Provo, UT — footage which reveals him coming round a few cougar cubs together his conduct… just to come face-to-face using their mommy.

When he admits that the mountain lion remains hot on his trailhe begins to backpedal gradually, trying not to startle the monster or activate it — however it did hurry him a few times!

Burgess tried different techniques to frighten off it, for example using some filthy language. Watch the movie — ya can not blame him all under these conditions. Not that there is anything funny about this… BUT, we will acknowledge, Kyle repeatedly phoning a wild creature that could have killed him”dude”… made us .

The cliché of earning yourself”getting big” contrary to Mother Nature seems to have saved his bum. That along with a nicely pitched rock!

Only crazy movie, and Kyle must have had some new shorts.

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