USTVGO Shutdown! What Are the Other Alternatives?


USTVGO is no longer working.

We don’t know why it was shut down as of right now.

Visitors to their site now see the following message when they go there.

Sorry, we’re no longer open.

When we find out more about what happened to the popular USTVGO website, this page will be changed.

We also offer the best alternatives to USTVGO on any device, including Firestick and Android TV.


USTVGO was a streaming service that let users choose from a number of live channels to watch.

USTVGO users could stream channels on a Firestick, Fire TV Device, Android TV Box, iPhone or iPad, and other devices.

People who Jailbreak their Firesticks or Android TV Boxes were big fans of this free site.

It had a lot of categories and channels to watch live, and the interface was easy to use.

Even though the site had ads, one of the best things about USTVGO was that you didn’t have to sign up.

Live channels were available on USTVGO in many different categories, such as News, Entertainment, Kids, Sports, and more.

USTVGO is on our list of Free IPTV Apps and Free Sports Streaming Sites for these and other reasons.

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USTVGo.TV Screenshots


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USTVGO Details & Description

As was already said, USTVGO had a few different categories for live viewing. The site looked like it had 83 channels in total.

There were things like Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, TV Guide, and more in these sections.


USTVGO came with an easy-to-use TV Guide that made it simple to switch between channels.


USTVGO Alternatives

USTVGO was a great way to stream basic Live TV, but TROYPOINT recommends using one of the legal IPTV services in our IPTV Guide.



Vidgo is one of the most popular alternatives to USTVGO.

Vidgo Official Website

Vidgo has more than 150 channels, and you can choose from 4 different subscription packages.

Find out more about Vidgo, including how much it costs, what channels it has, and more, in our full review guide below.

Vidgo Review



Most people know Pluto as a free streaming service that works on any device.

It lets you live-stream Movies, Shows, Sports, News, and more from hundreds of free channels.

Users will see ads, but they are usually not too annoying and are well worth the free service.

Pluto on Firestick/Android TV



Xumo is a popular free live-streaming service that offers both live channels and videos on demand.

It works on any device, even mobile ones like Android and iPhone, so people can stream on the go.

Xumo is one of the best free alternatives to USTVGO because it is easy to use and has a lot of features.

Xumo App Insallation Guide




Fubo TV has been known for a long time as one of the best IPTV services out there.

It has many package options with hundreds of channels that can be streamed live without any lag.

Best of all, you can try fubo for free for 7 days before signing up for a monthly plan.

Find out more about Fubo in our in-depth review guide.

Everything You Need to Know About the fubo Review

TROYPOINT can’t tell if these streaming sites that haven’t been checked have the right licences.

If a streaming site is found to be illegal, we let our users know right away and update the reports on our website.

Even though USTVGo shut down, we don’t know if it was because it was breaking copyright laws or not.

At first glance, it looks like USTVGO is sharing content that is protected by intellectual property rights without the right licences.

In the end, the person who uses streaming websites like USTVGO is responsible for all the content they see.

See our detailed guide below for more information on whether or not IPTV is legal and for everything else you need to know before streaming.

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