Usga Controversy- Clearing Way for Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson

usga controversy

The USGA confirmed Tuesday that participants in the inaugural LIV Golf competition, which begins on Thursday in London, will be eligible to compete in the 2022 U.S. Open the following week.

Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Talor Gooch, and Sergio Garcia are among the players competing in LIV who have already earned an exemption to the US Open.

“We take pleasure in being the world’s most open competition, and all players who have earned the right to compete in this year’s championship, whether by exemption or qualifying, will be able to do so. Our field standards were established prior to the opening of entries earlier this year, and changing them now would be inappropriate and unfair to competitors “In a statement, the USGA stated.

“Should a player who has earned his way into the 2022 U.S. Open based on our published field criteria be removed out of the field as a result of his decision to compete in another event? We eventually came to the conclusion that they should not.”

The USGA added that the decision on the field for the 2022 tournament “should not be construed as the USGA endorsing an alternative organizing entity, nor as the USGA endorsing any individual player actions or comments,” and that it was simply a response to whether the “offense” of playing should disqualify players who had qualified under previous criteria.

On June 1, the PGA Tour issued a statement stating that its members are not permitted to participate in the breakaway series and that “members who breach the Tournament Regulations will face disciplinary action.” The LIV Golf Invitational Series does not specify what action will be done against the golfers that compete in it.

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The Pga Tour May Face Difficulties as A Result of The Usga’s Decision.

usga controversy

The USGA is in an unusual situation right now. The USGA has the opportunity to create an example for golf’s other regulatory bodies merely by virtue of time, with LIV Golf’s debut event taking place a week before the U.S. Open.

This isn’t to imply that the PGA of America, Augusta National, or the R&A will follow the USGA’s lead in the future, but it would be stupid to believe that the USGA’s choice has no impact on their decisions.

This might potentially be the start of a flood, with the torrent aimed squarely at the PGA Tour.

Other big-name players may join Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson on the breakaway circuit if LIV golfers make truckloads of guaranteed money and are allowed to compete in the US Open.

There’s no disputing that the Saudis’ support of LIV Golf raises severe ethical concerns, but money talks, and it talks loudly. Every professional golfer on the planet would be enticed by guaranteed money, fewer events, and the option of still competing in big championships.

With LIV Golf, we’ll learn more as the week progresses, but this might indicate major danger for the PGA Tour.

Open Disputes in The United States

The USGA is known for designing brutally challenging US Open courses, which are frequently controversial.

We look at eight contentious moments from prior US Open championships in this article.

In 1994, we begin with Ernie Els.

1 – Oakmont (California) in 1994

usga controversy

Ernie Els carried a three-shot lead into the final day at Oakmont in 1994 after a fantastic third round of 66. However, the 24-year-old got off to a bad start on Sunday with a hook into terrible rough. The South African appeared to be lucky just to get his ball out of the twisted lay, let alone make it to the green.

When Els arrived at the location, however, it was clear that a camera crane was in his way. Els was given a free drop since the crane was deemed an immovable impediment by a rules official, and he took it in a far more playable location.

That may have appeared to be only a lucky break, but the crane was actually completely mobile. It had already been relocated four times on Sunday before Els arrived, and it was moved again as soon as he started to cover the action on another portion of the course. Later, the rules officer admitted that he was mistaken.

Olympic Club No. 2 (1998)

The USGA is known for setting extremely difficult pin positions in the US Open, but many believed they went too far with their choice of hole location on the 18th hole in the second round at Olympic Club in 1998. Several players who had missed their initial attempt stood on a high point of green, watching in disbelief as the ball raced back towards, and sometimes past, where they stood. That day, the phrases Mickey and Mouse were thrown around a lot.

Inverness Club, No. 3 (1979)

Lon Hinkle saw an unusual choice from the tee on the 8th hole in the opening round at Inverness. He aimed for a little breach in the trees and drove the ball through and along the 17th fairway, drastically shortening the par-5. He was able to make a birdie four. The strategy was imitated by Hinkle’s playing partner Chi Chi Rodriguez and a number of others.

The shortcut was no longer a possibility the next day. The chairman of the greens committee had paid to have a rather large tree planted in the gap over night. It was dubbed “The Hinkle Tree” as expected.

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Challenges Are on The Way

usga controversy

With the U.S. Open being held on the classic layout for the sixth time, the USGA is well aware of the challenges ahead.

The players have been glowing all week, but their moods can change as rapidly as the weather on the Monterey peninsula, as it did in 1992 when officials were taken off guard in the final round when 20 golfers shot in the 80s in horrendous circumstances.

“There are no assurances.” “There are no guarantees,” Bodenhamer stated. “The weather on the Monterey Peninsula can be fickle.

“However, we are confident in the plan and the strategy going forward, and we have a few contingencies in place if the weather dictates.”

“We will continue to strive to deliver the toughest test, the ultimate test, the most thorough test, whatever you want to call it, and to develop something that will put players’ shot-making ability, mental fortitude, and physical stamina to the test.”

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