Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning: Is it a Profitable

Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning: Is it a Profitable
Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning: Is it a Profitable

Technology is at the center of most sectors in life, and education is no exception. Most students have grown up in a world surrounded by technology. Integrating technology in teaching and learning will make the students feel more comfortable.

Today, traditional chalkboards have been replaced with digital whiteboards, and most learning institutions have computers for advanced research. Here are different ways the technology is profitable to learning and learning.

Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning: Is it a Profitable
Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Improves differentiation in learning

With technology, the needs of every student are catered for, which improves differentiation in learning. Differentiation in learning involves tailoring instructions to meet different students’ needs. It’s very challenging to achieve differentiation with the traditional method of learning.

With technology, the students and teachers have access to various programs and information sources they can use to supplement the learning process. The teachers can recommend programs to the students to expand their knowledge. No matter what the students are trying to learn, they will always find something interesting to work with. 

Thanks to modern technology, it’s even easier to learn

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Improved engagement

Most of the students would agree that they are more interested in classes with better technology applications than those without. With technology, searching for resources has become easy for students to get instant answers from the net. The students can quickly get the whole topic discussed on the internet better and more engaging.

Technology provides opportunities for teachers to teach the same things in different ways. The improved engagement has also been achieved through gamification and taking the students on virtual field trips. As a result, there is more active participation in both teaching and learning processes than in the traditional lecture environment.

Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning: Is it a Profitable
Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Increased productivity

Using analog tools for experiments is slow, and it tends to give inconsistent results. The analog tools also need to be handled with care and replaced as many times as possible to get precise results. With improved technology, the teachers and students now have an easy time handling their duties more responsibly. That’s because they can access it whenever they need it, unlike in the past.

As a result, most learning processes have been shortened, and students no longer have to wait for long to carry out their experiments or get their results. Teachers can automate the marking and get it done as fast as possible. The number of students who can be accumulated in different laboratories or libraries has also increased. Hence, the productivity of the learning environment has grown tremendously.

Enhanced creativity

Technology has improved creativity both in teaching and learning. The content that is available on the internet is endless. No matter the kind of research the students are doing, they will always find good content to lie on during their studies. Going through the contents posted on the internet offers a better way for the students to learn new things.

All kinds of inventions that the students may develop are supported by technology as there are plenty of resources to use for learning. The students can capture sketches, perform different simulations and tabulate the data obtained from different sites. As a result, the student’s creativity is highly enhanced.

Prepares students for digital transformation

Research shows that technology will significantly impact transforming all the sectors of life in the future. Using the technology in class prepares the students for the digital transformation advancing daily. The teachers are also enhancing their knowledge of different aspects of technology. There are different writing software for students used for the learning process.

These software makes it easier for the students to understand different concepts applied in the technology they are using. As a result, the students have simplified access to technology than analog devices. That means that future digital demands will be met easily.


Integrating technology in learning and teaching is profitable in different ways. The benefits that can be gotten from this are numerous, and they mainly depend on how efficient the application of the technology is. Students may not know what jobs the future holds, but they know that technology is not going anywhere.