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US Election 2020 – Elizabeth Warren for Presidential campaign

US election 2020

US Election 2020

The 2020 U.S Presidential election campaign just got more interesting. Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts has announced her bid to run for the presidential campaign on February 9, 2019, at a rally in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Elections 2020 Headlines:

  • Elizabeth Warren announces 2020 presidential bid
  • Four biggest challenges facing US President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election
  • Barack Obama’s housing chief launches 2020 US presidential bid
  • He may not even be a free person – Elizabeth Warren on Trump

This is surprising for many as it comes after she took active participation in Hilary Clinton’s runup to the Presidential race for the Democrats. She had always been popular in the primaries to win the Democrat’s nomination due to her progressive nature. However, she had always denied entering the race and had stopped short of just saying that she will never run for President.

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Well – Never say never! She gained a seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee in December 2016, which was seen as a signal by many major news dailies as a fuel to the speculation of Presidential bid. Her appeal went on widening after that by appearing on CNBC which claimed her to be the “real winner of 2016 election”.  A former law professor of Harvard with a specialization in bankruptcy and commercial laws, Warren has had a successful stint as the key architect of regulations under the Obama administration for protection of consumers in predatory pricing.  She has been an outspoken activist of white-collar crimes and impunity. 

Elizabeth Warren’s bid for Presidential campaign

Warren formed an exploratory committee to work on her Presidential campaign and felt “America’s middle class was under attack”. She regards this as her starting populist economic agenda which leads to the Accountable Capitalism Act. She proposes here under a federal bill introduced in August 2018 that employees should elect 40% of the board of directors in any corporation which pays over $1 billion in taxes. Along with this, she proposes 75% of shareholders and directors need to approve the political spending of corporates. Companies with above $1 billion in taxes will be required to acquire a federal corporate charter. The act is a step to make large corporate money transfers to political campaigns transparent and also enable investors who are mostly middle-class Americans to be able to see how a company is behaving.

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US Election 2020

Warren kicked off her announcement at a mill site which was basically an immigrant-run factory where workers went on strike 100 years ago, thus symbolically setting a stage for her thought leadership. She looked forward to bringing a large structural change in American politics.

Post this, she headed to New Hampshire – the first primaries destination where she expects to garner support as being a high profile from a neighboring state. She spent the Sunday in Iowa testing the leadoff caucuses as the first test to start her battle.

Warren was introduced and endorsed by Congressman Joe Kennedy III, a colleague Democrat. Given his start status and great friendship with potential rival former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, this was a great start to her bid. Democrats are at the cusp of looking for popular contenders for the 2020 US elections. The Democrats will start their primaries debates from June 2019 and the first voting will follow with January 2020.

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