Unusual Woolworths Ooshies out of Disney selection selling for tens of thousands of bucks on eBay

Rare Woolworths Ooshies from Disney collection selling for thousands of dollars on eBay

There are three certainties in life — death, taxes and individuals seeking to profit on supermarket .

And sure enough, months once they were established in Woolworths, demanding Aussies are attempting to earn a buck on a few of the trendiest Ooshies.

The vinyl toysthat were published late last month, are free with each $30 spent in the grocery store, but that has not stopped some online marketers seeking to flog them as much as a eye-watering $50,000.

A New South Wales eBay consumer has slapped the enormous price tag in their”uncommon” glittery figurine of Elsa from Frozen — along with the money does not even manage the purchaser say postage.

Some others are also controlling five-figure amounts for its toy, whilst glittery Ooshies of some Star Wars Mandalorian and Woody in Toy Story are being set up available for tens of thousands of bucks each.

Plus it seems a minumum of one collector is prepared to part with their money for those toys. Last week, two uncommon Simba Ooshies, in the prior Lion King series, sold for about $ 15,000.

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Meanwhile, a contributor distressed to finish their collection compensated a far more realistic $160 for four uncommon toys and a second parted with $150 to snag the most infrequent Elsa.

A mommy formerly copped a tide of threats and violent messages for attempting to market a rare furry friend Simba in the prior collection.

Queenslander Monique had expected to utilize the 5,000 purchase to purchase a notebook for the son.

But instead of create supplies, Monique was bombarded with countless messages that are violent.

Monique had been advised that she had been”a waste of space, so I do not need to breathe air, I am a scammer (also ) I am only looking outside to find cash”.

Regardless of the backlash, she managed to discover a significant purchaser in Victoria who forked out $4,000 to its small lion.

The trendiest Ooshies from the present collection contain a glittery Woody, Elsa, both Mandalorian along with Captain Marvel.

After being brewed because of its usage of plastics at the toys, Woolworths has partnered using TerraCycle to provide clients committed recycle bins in which they could fall any pre-loved Ooshies along with their wrappers.

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