Unraveling Xbox Series X mystery: A look at the real ports?

Unraveling Xbox Series X mystery: A look at the real ports?

Details about Xbox Series X have been scanty and fans are on the edge of their seat to know more about the next-gen console. Even Xbox Series X Director David Prien’s “why do people want to know specs of anything so far in advance?” remark didn’t help much in putting out people’s curiosity. While the specs of the Xbox Series X remain a mystery, the console’s rear ports might have just been revealed.

After AMD showed an Xbox Series X imagery during a CES 2020 keynote, revealing the console’s connectivity ports. But a clarification was issued later saying the image of Xbox Series X “does not accurately represent the design or features of the upcoming console.” But that got people wondering what the setup is on the back of the next-gen gaming console. Lucky for you all, Thurrot’s report spilt some beans.

The mystery of ports in Xbox Series X

According to the report, Xbox Series X features two USB-A ports in addition to the one on the front, an HDMI-out for your TV, an Ethernet port for the internet, optical audio and a power socket. There’s another port on the back, which is suggested to be used for debugging and won’t be seen on the production units.

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All the ports are arranged parallel in a vertical orientation, between two large air intake vents. Almost two-thirds of the rear panel is a plain black cover, much in line with the Xbox Series X overall design.

If this is accurate, Microsoft isn’t going with HDMI-in port and IR Blaster, suggesting TV integration features might get a miss in the upcoming generation of Xbox. But it is likely to affect the masses as very few might actually use HDMI-in. But what’s surprising is that Microsoft hasn’t tried to replace the USB-A with UBS Type-C port, which is slowly becoming a standard across all mobile devices. It’s time gaming consoles match the trend.

Microsoft hasn’t announced the launch date for Xbox Series X, but it will likely be ready in time for the holidays this year. Xbox Series X could easily be on top of your Christmas shopping list later this year.

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