UK heavy music arena covers Rage Against The Machine for charity

UK heavy music scene covers Rage Against The Machine for charity

A range of people of the UK’s heavy music scene have now come together to pay Rage Against The Machine’s’Killing In The Name’ for charity.

For the last couple of months, most people all around the world have been protesting the killing of George Floyd, an African American man who had been murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in May following a French police officer urged on his throat for nearly twenty five minutes.

A wide range of tunes are chanted throughout the protests, such as 2Pac’s’Changes’ and Kendrick Lamar’therefore’Alright’. Still another is Rage Against The Machine’Killing In The Name’, using lots of protesters singing the lyrics,”Fuck you, I will not do everything you tell me” in authorities and oppressive country agents.

Before this week,” Rage guitarist Tom Morello reacted to protestors with his tune. “Well that is what it is for!” He tweeted with regard to this 1992 demonstration track.

Today, over 40 associates of this heavy music network have teamed up to get a cover of this song so as to increase cash for Black Lives Issue UK.

Spearheaded by Spitfire Touring along with Moshhh, you are able to hear the complete monitor under:

To contribute to the design, you may see the gofundme page.

A complete list of contributors and credits are seen under:

Credits:Directed and Produced: Lewis Chalmers along with George BarnesMixed and Mastered: Jon WorganVideo: Oli Duncanson

Contributors:Jack Bowdery (Graphic Nature)Dan Nightingale (Conjurer)David Ball (Bassist)Rhys Wilcox (Fantasy Condition )Erik Bickerstaffe (Loathe)Harry Rule (God Sophisticated )Cherry Duesbury (Defences)Ryan Cornall (Surprise You Are Dead Songs )Jon Worgan (Super Love)Alex Matthews (Super Love)Pete Woolven (Graphic Nature)Connor Mollison (MTXS)Feisal El-Khazragi (Loathe)Joshua Singh (Drum Tech)Kadeem France (Loathe)Alex Freeman (Acres)Chris Smith (CS Touring)Jonathan Barker (AudioRage)Aiden Cooper (MTXS)Andy Gillan (Palm Reader)Matt Marshall (MattyyyM — Youtuber)Ozzi Osman (Oz Tours)Lewis Chalmers (Spitfire Touring)George Barnes (Drummer)Cameron Humphrey (Lotus Eater)Georgia Challinor (Drummer)Lizzy Farrell (Vocalist)Jacob Rice (Super Love)Robert Kirk (99percent Cobra/The Escape Artist)Kyle Holt (God Sophisticated )Alex Chan (Bassist)Peter Vybiral (Guitarist)Nick Nowak (The Gospel Youth)Elliot Wallett (Bassist)Harvey Freeman (Graphic Nature)Hamish Reilly (Vukovi)George Smith (Guitarist)Reece Boakes (MTXS)Gem Brown (Guitarist)Charlie Smith (Graphic Nature)

earlier this season, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine has spoken about his encounters with racism and experiences with the KKK.

Throughout a brand new Q&A with Picture Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, the Bloody Beetroots along with Shea Diamond, Morello said that he considers “racism in this nation is just as American as apple pie and baseball”.

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