UCL News: UEFA won’t disqualify any teams this season

Updates from UEFA as they will not disqualify any team from UCL or UEL this season after the European Super League issue; New format from 24/25?

Twelve big clubs of Europe decided to organize a league with 20 teams, and play among themselves; by naming it European Super League.

But the vague idea from Real Madrid President Fiorentino Perez only lasted for 48 hours. Ten clubs announced their withdrawal from participation in ESL, after receiving threat from FIFA and UEFA.

Updates came in as UEFA have announced that they’ll not disqualify any team from UCL and UEL this season; after remarking them as “the dirty dozen”.

Fiorentino Perez and Joan Laporta wants to analyze further

The idea of creating a new league with big European clubs failed miserably. Real Madrid President and Barcelona President didn’t withdraw their idea, but agreed to have stalled the process.

They believe that the new league needs further critical analyzation, behind the immediate failure of the league.  

UEFA decided to come up with a new 36 team UEFA Champions League format from Season 2024-25.

In their new design, big clubs will earn more games against the big ones; and mediocre clubs will earn opportunity to test themselves, in more games.