UEFA punishes ‘Dirty Dozen’ with the possible ban to 3 Clubs


News from UEFA as the Association punishes 12 clubs linked with the formation of ESL; Fines 9 clubs and Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus face BAN.

Big news coming in from European Football. Union of European Football Association (UEFA) has taken matters seriously against the alleged formation of European Super League, ESL.

12 Big clubs signed to organize a high profile closed tournament between themselves and 8 other teams. The plan was aggressively opposed by UEFA and FIFA together.

Later on, 9 clubs realized their mistake and officially back out from the core committee of ESL. But Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus didn’t make any official statement regarding backing out. And thus, UEFA might BAN the clubs for 2 Years.

‘Dirty dozen’ face punishment as Super League comes crashing down

9 Clubs agreed and signed important Settlements with UEFA

AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid issued their official statement of backing out. They have signed a settlement of not participating in any private and closed competition other than UEFA.

Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool backed out as well, after heavy protests from Fans.

Chelsea FC
UEFA are reportedly considering a two-year Champions League ban for clubs still committed to the European Super League project.

UEFA has mentioned FA and Premier League will take care of the mischief of SIX clubs planned to participate in the league; leaving the British Football leagues and competitions.

All 9 clubs will pay a Fine of 5% fee of the revenue earned from the UEFA Competition for a season. The money will certainly be used for the development of football at grassroots levels.  

UEFA has asked La Liga, Serie A and Premier League to review their terms with UEFA and FIFA.

Future of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus in UEFA

Real Madrid President Fiorentino Perez claimed European Super League as Gamechanger during the financial crisis.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta revealed in a statement that plans of the European Super League require further analysis.

And Juventus even agreed to what Barcelona and Real Madrid said.

Hence, UEFA has decided to report the issue to the Disciplinary committee of their association; regarding splitting away from UEFA and playing their private and closed competitions.

UEFA Disciplinary committee might decide to BAN the Big clubs for staying committed to European Super League; Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus might face a ban for 2 years.