Champions League: All English UCL Final to host British Fans


News from Istanbul as UEFA decides to allow 4000 fans from Man City and Chelsea; Istanbul to host 25,000 for All English UCL Final.

Cheers to British football. World witnesses the 2nd All English UEFA Champions League Final in three years. Liverpool won the 2019 Final against Mauricio Pochettino led Tottenham Hotspurs.

Man City beats PSG and Chelsea beats Real Madrid to qualify for the Mega event in Turkey.

UEFA CL Final, right after Turkey Lockdown

Turkey has imposed a covid blockade that will end on May 17th, and the domestic covid infection rate is now decreasing rapidly. The Turkish Football Federation is adamant that the match will be played in front of a large crowd, and possible venues for spectators have not been debated openly.

UEFA confirms 2021 final will take place in Istanbul despite current lockdown

The football federation has coordinated with UEFA regarding 25,000 allowed spectators at Ataturk Olympic Stadium. Although they demanded to allow 50% of 76,000 total capacity.

UEFA has notified the Finalists Man City and Chelsea about 4000 fans allowed from each club’s fan base. The two clubs are scheduled to receive 4,000 tickets each, and fans will be required to submit proof of vaccination or a negative COVID result.

UEFA have also announced to allow 2000 fans from each UEFA Europa League Finalists at Gdansk; the stadium will host 9500 fans.

UK Government have flying restrictions

The UK government will reveal the specifics of the removal of travel bans, but fans returning to the UK could be subject to quarantine.

United Kingdom doesn’t have strict flying norms, but Quarantine mandatory for returnees. Turkey has 324,210 active cases with strict lockdown until mid-May.

Big task for UEFA and the Football federations as well, to host two prestigious events amid the Coronavirus pandemic.