Shocking Death Of Tyre Nicholas: All You Need To Know

ShockingTyre Nicholas is a man who died In January after an illegal beating by five Memphis police officers. Tyre Nicholas was a 29-year-old man living in Memphis, Tennessee. He has lived with his parents since the start of the pandemic. According to his mother’s report, he lived in Memphis but in California earlier. Tyre started his job at FedEx alongside his stepfather. His stepfather is Rodney Wells. Therefore, his stepfather stated, “He was very, very beloved at my job. Everybody calling me with blessings, prayers and sympathy for what happened”. Tyre worked at FedEx for only nine months.

The Cause Behind Tyre’s Death

The 29-year-old Tyre Nicholas, the old black man, suffered severe pain and beating after police officers pulled him over at the traffic stop. The police unit of Scorpian unit stopped Nicholasunit on January 7th 2023. He died after three days after his incident. The officers stopped Nicholas at East Raines Road and Ross Road intersection. Then they pushed him to the ground.

When police officers were wrestling with him, he said, “I didn’t do anything wrong”. The Memphis police officers noted he was stopped for reckless driving. But the chief authority of the Memphis department, Cerelyn Davis, confirmed that they have not yet confirmed why Nicholas was arrested.

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Shocking events by Memphis Officers

During the incident, several police officers tried to push him down to the ground. Nicholas told the police officers, ” Okay, I am on the ground”. He also said, “you guys are doing a lot right now. I’m just trying to go home”. After some seconds of his statements, police officers appear to point a stun gun at him, and then suddenly, he breaks free and starts running towards Ross road. Two of the police officers followed him back.

The police officers caught him again at the intersection and pushed him down. His house was 60 yards away from the road, and he yelled, “mom”. Officers sprayed some chemicals on his face, and he wiped it off. In the released videos, everyone can witness that he is already on the ground.

Many police officers kicked his face two times and hit him on the head. After all the beating, Nicholas was poorly hurt. Later, he was dragged back to a car and then they made him sit in a chair position. He was tired and hurt badly. Throughout the struggle, Nicholas was kicked violently at least 4 times, Beaton three times with a baton. Police officers sprayed Three times chemical spray on his face and pushed his head six times all within three minutes of the incident.

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Tyre Nicholas’ Brother’s statement

Tyre Nicholas’ brother says that he hopes the five Memphis officers accused of beating his brother to death die. He states that “You want my truth, I hope they die”. His brother’s name is Jamal Dupree, he lives in Sacramento, California. Tyre’s mother wants a peaceful protest against the police officers. His brother states that “it is good that they have been found guilty but there are good chances of them to walk free out of this situation”.

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