All You Need to Know About Tyler Hyne’s Marriage and His Secret Girlfriend!

is tyler hynes married

Tyler Jeffrey Hynes is a Canadian actor born on May 6, 1986. Hynes was born in Toronto, Ontario, but grew up on a 59-acre ranch outside of Ottawa. He began performing professionally when he was eight years old. At eight, Hynes made his professional debut as Tiny Tim in a 72-performance run of the musical stage version of A Christmas Carol, followed by a Canadian tour of The Who’s rock opera Tommy, portraying the role of 10-year-old Tommy. He then directed his first feature picture, Little Men, starring Mariel Hemingway. He played Atreyu in the TV series Tales from the Neverending Story for 24 episodes and The Chosen One in Peter Benchley’s Amazon for 24 episodes.

Tyler Hyne’s dating rumours

Tyler isn’t a massive fan of disclosing too much information about a relationship. Even during an interview, he stated that he had a girlfriend but did not reveal her identity – not even her name! On the other hand, Tyler revealed that her girlfriend even had his Twitter password. As a result, she could open his account whenever she wanted.

Tyler didn’t appear to mind at all. “Oh yeah, my girlfriend checked my Twitter the other day. She informed me I had a lot of followers on Twitter.” Tyler was informed. He acknowledged that he wasn’t a big fan of social media. But he recently tried to use Instagram and opened her Twitter more to keep up with his fans.

That’s good because we can see a little bit of his life through his Instagram! However, glimpses of his personal life are infrequent on his social media, so we shouldn’t expect too much. Tyler and his girlfriend were believed to be dating in 2018 and are still together. But then something unusual happened. Tyler removed his girlfriend’s Instagram photo in 2017.

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Tyler Hyne’s secret girlfriend

Racquel Natasha is the name of his lover. She is a commercial model. Unfortunately, we only have so much information about Tyler’s girlfriend. Tyler and Racquel appeared to lead a tranquil and peaceful life. We rarely hear anything about them in the media. The paparazzi took not even images. They are entirely unnoticed.

However, speculation about whether they were already married began to circulate. Unfortunately, we can’t draw any conclusions just yet because neither Racquel nor Tyler revealed anything about them entering a more serious phase. Tyler stated in his interview that he only uses his account for business purposes. We kept in touch with his followers, talked with them, and posted updates on his movies and new ventures.

Besides, he’s been uploading a lot of images lately! We’re not complaining about his 740 Instagram photos, which feature his lovely visage. His mom’s photo with his dog and some of his moments with his costars were among the moments he shared on Instagram. He also frequently posted Instagram Stories regarding his daily life.

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Tyler’s rumours about his co-star

We started with a hidden girlfriend, and it wasn’t apparent whether Tyler was still dating her, and now we have a rumour about Tyler with his coworker. Tyler Hynes is currently working on Hallmark’s It Was Always You. The show premiered on February 27th, receiving a favourable reception from all its viewers.

Tyler played David in the film, who becomes romantically connected with Elizabeth, played by Erin Krakow. Erin Krakow and Tyler appeared to spend a lot of time together not long after the show aired. Tyler even shared some images, which we can view.

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