Twitter Reacts To Each Of Three May Smiths Trending on Social Media

Twitter Reacts To All Three Will Smiths Trending on Social Media

Will Smith has been the most notable fad on social networking on Friday (October 16) — nevertheless, it may not function as Will Smith which you are thinking of.

Rather than this tendency becoming about the year-old celebrity, it was approximately Will Smith, the Atlanta Braves pitcher AND Will Smith, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ catcher.

The 2 athletes squared off every other tonight if the Dodgers’ May shot the plate and then hit not one, but three home runs from the Braves’ May .

Twitter disappeared regarding the epic showdown, also obtained May , ” the celebrity, included in a few of the humorous responses.

“May the true Will Smith please stand up?” The Dodgers‘ official Twitter accounts poked fun at the circumstance.

Yet another accounts broke down exactly what occurred in list type:”SCORE UPDATE:- Congrats to Will Smith- Condolences to Will Smith- Will Smith homered off May Smith with 2 outs in the first – Which three-run shot leaves it 4–two Dodgers- May Smith wins- May Smith loses- Too several Wills Smith.”

A lover of this celebrity tweeted :”I watched Will Smith trending and dreaded that the worst.Turns out, it is two baseball players called Will Smith.”

Click inside to view all of the humorous reactions regarding both Will Smiths )…

Joyful for Will Smith, devastated for Will Smith

— Céspedes Family BBQ (@CespedesBBQ) October 17, 2020

You believe Will Smith watched Will Smith homer off Will Smith?

— Roburt (@1Robbie_) October 17, 2020

Will Smith hit a home run from Will Smith and neither of these are the actress, Will Smith

— b dot (@beedot_) October 17, 2020

May Smith hitting a home run away Will Smith as a Will Smith song plays somewhere in the backdrop Will Smith’s home run .

He is congratulated by former MLB reliever Michael Jackson along with the phantom of Michael Jackson.

Let us move all Inception with this shit.

— UrinatingRee (@UrinatingTree) October 17, 2020

“Getting Jiggy With It” since the industrial break music following Will Smith homers away Will Smith is quite well done.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) October 17, 2020

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