Twitter Is NOT Buying Max Ehrich Weeping About The Beach Over Demi Lovato Breakup

twitter is not buying max ehrich's demi lovato beach breakdown

Hey, Max Ehrich… It’s OK Not To Be OK!

Demi Lovato‘s ex has NOT been managing their separation well. Even though Demi has largely kept silent on the divide — besides falling a split single, that’s — Max has had a couple public frustrations now on social networking. The exact people confessionals have ranged from apparently hoping to win back her back to accusing her of using him for PR.

Overall, it has been a fairly messy situation, and probably fairly embarrassing for your singer that is contested. Considering among the alleged causes of the separation was him with her to enhance his profile, those activities actually aren’t helping his situation…

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That brings us to this latest stunt incident. The Young and the Restless alum was seen sulking on the beach where he suggested to the pop superstar. Paparazzi shots portray the 29-year old yelling and holding his head in his palms. (See pictures AND video HERE). At one stage, he grabs a sheet of blossom and throws it to the sea.

The drama of everything!

Unfortunately for Max, Twitter didn’t purchase the psychological display. After telling him of imitation crying within his Instagram Live, the Internet discovered his shore breakdown similarly deceptive. Watch some of those merciless responses (under ):

I have not laughed this hard in weeks. Thank you maximum ehrich for all these ridiculously staged photos. Pic.twitter.com/9Wh0VGJ4T0

— online baby (@kirkpate) October 12, 2020

Max Ehrich called paparazzi to accompany him to the shore where he suggested to Demi so he could pretend cry???? Pic.twitter.com/18JWCdSife

— a (@enctrI) October 11, 2020

BREAKING: ancient oscar front runners comprise maximum ehrich because of his performance in”intended paparazzi beach photographs” pic.twitter.com/Pkvc520HR4

— ryan wilson (@heyitsryanelise) October 12, 2020

Various other responses comprised:

“Not Max Ehrich visiting the shore where he suggested and sitting sobbing in the sea, sir who’s the functionality for??”

“you actually expect me to think paparazzi only happened to be after this D list actor round”

“paprazzi never capture beyonce if shes working on a job but you are telling me im supposed to think they followed maximum eHRICH?? LMAOOOO BYEEE”

Even people who were not explicitly calling Max outside for placing on a series were unimpressed. Many branded his behaviour”poisonous,” while some composed:

“Thus Max Ehrich moved from having an unidentified z list celebrity to be a humiliating and emotionally unstable z list celebrity who’s currently called Demi’s ex and Selena’s obssesed stalker”

“Max Ehrich is a superb illustration of how NOT to behave after a separation”


“Max Ehrich actually thinks that his life is a film and he is the most important character”

“Max ehrich manner too cluttered”

Breakups are always demanding in ANY situation, therefore we surely feel for Max within this painful moment. Plus, he has already implored the press to put a stop to the bullying, which may simply be making things harder.

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That said… he can unquestionably be managing things more independently. Publicly lashing out in your ex is completely uncalled for, along with his proximity to paparazzi on the shore where he suggested is pretty damn questionable. We are not saying he is just doing this to attention, however … he’s getting a great deal of attention. And that is something people pay very good cash for in this city.

In this way you slice it, it looks like the dude wants some help at the moment. Perhaps it’s time to switch out IG Live having a fantastic therapist.

What do U believe, Perezcious subscribers? Why are Erich’s separation insecurities around for show? Or are such public emotional outbursts coming out of a real location? Tell us your ideas in the comments (below)!

[Image via Sheri Determan/WENN & Demi Lovato/Instagram]

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