Turkish press accounts burst in city close to Syrian border

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey’s state-run news bureau said there was an explosion at a city close to the border with Syria Monday but there was no immediate info on potential casualties or damage.

Anadolu Agency explained the explosion happened from the city of Iskenderun, in Hatay province. Haberturk television lent the area’s governor as saying that it had been a”terrorist attack” and one from two”terrorists” involved has been murdered in a continuous safety operation.

Police, fire support rescuers and healthcare teams were sent into the region, Anadolu documented.

The explosion arrived after the U.S. Embassy in Turkey issued a safety alert, saying that it received reports about a potential assault on Americans and other officials, also encouraged American citizens to exercise caution.

The Islamic State set along with also an outlawed Kurdish militant group ran fatal attacks on Turkish land involving 2015 and 2017.

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