Tupperbox: In 2022, Tupperbox Won’t Function how To Correct It


For those who haven’t heard about it yet, here is a fun tool. You may build phoney profiles and Discord bots on Tupperbox. You may now act out the role of your favourite gamer-loving politician. Wow, it’s hard to find such a combo in reality. But with Tupperbox, you can make it possible on Discord.

You can create numerous profiles with Tupperbox and switch between them instantly. Tuppers, or false Discord profiles, are editable. One web dashboard lets you control both your tuppers and your bots. Use tuppers to send interactive proxy messages. Additionally, autoproxy enables you to transmit all messages through a single tupper. Additionally, you have the option to log every proxy message you send using Tuppers into a log channel for monitoring.

We can see how helpful Tupperbox is for both normal users and server owners on Discord. But, some users are encountering issues with Tupperbox not working properly. If you want to know how to fix it, read the article.

Tupperbox Not Functioning? Here Are Some Options for You.


As a result, users of Tupperbox were concerned that the same wouldn’t load on their Discord servers. Some channel owners have issues keeping their bots up to date. Role-playing games on Discord caused disruptions for regular users.

Tupperbox’s official discord page was inundated with user complaints regarding the problem. It turned out to be a server issue with Tupperbox. The service is currently operational once the developers fixed the issue.

However, some users had given a few debugging methods if it’s still not working for you. Check to see if Tupperbox is authorised to operate on your server. Type to check permissions

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Perms where Tupperbox is supposed to function on your channel. Add any additional permissions that you require that aren’t currently on the list.

If the aforementioned fails, enter the command tul! proxy enable on the same channel. Ad blockers can occasionally make Tupperbox unresponsive. Discord should be reloaded when you disable any ad-blocking software on your browser.

Use Google Chrome if you can. Because of its optimization, Chrome might be able to avoid the ongoing Tupperbox problems.

Visit their Discord Support page and post your problem in the #help channel if you are having trouble getting your bots and tuppers to function. The moderators are quite active and will undoubtedly assist you as soon as they can.

Superior Usage


Use the or commands to modify or delete a proxy that you have sent. Utilize the tul!group command to manage your Tupper groups and who belongs to which. Utilize tul!cfg to control server-specific configuration. Use tul!cfg deny proxies @role, for instance, to tell Tupperbox to forbid a certain role from proxying (using tuppers).

With tul!cfg prefix, you can modify Tupperbox’s prefix. You can advise Tupperbox to refer to “tuppers” as anything different, such as “characters” or “headmates,” with the tul!cfg rename command if your server favours a particular way of utilising Tupperbox.

Check out the tul!auto command to set up Tupperbox to automatically use a tupper if you frequently use the same one in a certain server or channel to avoid typing its brackets

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You can use tul!proxy deactivates to disable Tupperbox in a server or certain channels if you discover that it is incompatible with another bot that fulfils a related function (such as PluralKit or Jinkaku).

With the tul!list command, you can view your own or another user’s tuppers.

You can respond to a tupper message with tul! showuser or react to it to find out who sent it if you’ve ever wondered who did (as it’s hard to tell at first look).

To create a channel where every tuppers usage is recorded for future reference, use the command tul!cfg log #channel.

The commands tul!export, tul!import, and tul!purge allow you to manage your data. Data from Tupperbox might work with other bots with related functions, such PluralKit.

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