Trump wants Fox News hire Pirro back and support Carlson

donald trump on fox news anchor hire

The President of the United States of America Donald Trump seems like he needs a career shift. Well, not exactly but the President did take the mantle of the role of programmer on Sunday. Trump made a handful of tweets indicating that solidarity and contempt is the reason for anchors at Fox News. The president also wants that there should be federal regulators effective immediately for taking down SNL. Trump also wants to take down the NBC network.

The recent Twitter post by the president was for the Fox News. This certainly also follows a specific bruising week the cable TV outlet. It is only last Sunday that a few misogynistic comments came forward. By the looks of it, Tucker Carlson is the one who made them. During the year 2006 to 2011, Carlson made those comments of the radio jock show. In the middle of all this, Jeanine Pirro underwent massive scrutinization during the same weekend. In Pirro’s case, she went for interrogation as she is the Congress’ Muslim-American member.

Trump’s is worried about Fox News

Pirro usually takes the front seat with a weekly program called Justice. The program usually airs on a Saturday night. According to CNN, Pirro is immediately suspended after the allegation. And by the looks of it, she is not going to feature in Fox News for quite some time now. By the looks of, the President of the United state is not happy with the sudden lineup change.

Donald Trump said that it is time to bring Pirro back. According to Donald Trump, the Democrats are working hand in hand with Fake News Media. And they are using every single one of the tricks in the book for silencing the dominant population of the Country.

Donald Trump also said that Fox News must be strong in this situation and they should fight back.

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