Trump Touches Down to Orange County Fundraiser, Maskless Fandom Ensues

Trump Touches Down for Orange County Fundraiser, Maskless Fandom Ensues
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President Trump is Currently in sunny California to Increase some much-needed Money as he Drops behind in the polls and at the Currency dept… Consequently the Decision to raise Money.

DT created his way into a personal design in Newport Beach Sunday, rolling upwards to technology billionaire Palmer Luckey‘s house within his motorcade to banking some generous contributions… with tickets to the event allegedly running between $ two,800 to $150k.

The Beach Boys are offering amusement to your shindig — although maybe not the OG ring, it is only Mike Love along with the touring band… Brian Wilson and Al Jardine have disavowed the function. They say that they had not even heard Mike had been likely the gig before reading about it from the newspaper.

Sure , ML was seen out there out too… appearing sporadically and ready to stone, sans his bandmates’ acceptance.

Even crazier… the absolute quantity of fanboying Trump and also co. spurred if they came. Check out the way the man who filmed this responded when he places POTUS from the backseat, if just for another — an entire starstruck freak-out. He asserts DT waived in him.

On a serious note… many folks lining up to invest in the design appeared to be next Trump’s footsteps up to mask-wearing — specifically, many were moving without, rather than correctly distancing. In the event the amount of heads out is any indicator of just how well-attended it was inside, this might be an additional super-spreader gathering.

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