Trump Terrified Of Going To Prison If He's Not Re-Elected!!

Trump Terrified Of Moving To If He isn’t Re-Elected!!

The motive Donald Trump is fighting so tough to hold on to this presidency is that he’s fearful of going to jail . )

Throughout his period at the office,” Trump has been prosecuted for many offenses, such as allegedly falsifying company records seeing a hush-money payment that he made into an adult-film celebrity.

” The New York Times explained the following concerning the president:

“Seldom from Mr. Trump’s ideas, however, will be that the prospect of defeat–and the possible consequences of being gleaned in the White House. In short moments, Mr. Trump has for months advised advisers he hopes to face scrutiny from prosecutors when he loses. He’s worried not just about present diagnoses in New York, but also the prospect of new national probes also, based on those who have spoken .”


When he loses, he’ll no more possess the Department of Justice’s defense and might need to confront all allegations and fees as a normal citizen.

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“Among the reasons he has so crazily aim on winning would be all of the speculation that prosecutors goes afterwards,” writer Barbara Res informed The New Yorker. “It might be quite a frightening spectre.”

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