Trump might have found Congress’ breaking point and make things tough in America

Donald Trump

Whenever the president of the United States took the side of Saudi Arabia given that the Middle-East killed a journalist. Jamal Khashoggi, the Virginian Journalist, was kidnapped and murdered. In the middle of this conspiracy, the only thing that Donald Trump wants to build a border wall. The president has also threatened the lawmakers that he will also declare a national emergency to the lawmakers. Nevertheless, Capitol Hill warned him not to push his luck.

In this week there has been a remarkable amount of bipartisan rebukes which went straight to the president. And this was possible because Congress is pushing back.

This week on Wednesday, around seven Republicans broke the ranks when the Senate joined the Democratic party. The American Senate wants to stop the American military from helping Saudi Arabia in their war with Yemen. The reason why American members of Congress wish to stop aiding Saudi Arabia is because of the death of Jamal Khashoggi. The late Jamal Khashoggi was one of the top-notch columnists who worked for the media outlet – The Washington Post. On Thursday morning, White House came up with a unanimous decision to carry out with the investigation of Jamal’s murder.

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Trump will make things tough in America now

Afterward, in the afternoon, a dozen senators from the Republican party passed on the legislation with the consent of the President. This is eventually going to block the president’s demand for declaring a national emergency for building the border wall. And this is where things are going to get very interesting. President Trump feels that this is nothing but defiance to his presidential rule. And due to this Trump is going use his first veto in this entire presidency career.

The Republican Senator of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski said that they are not willing to allow something like this to happen. Now, there is a willingness amount the politicians in America to stand up to Trump and his allies.

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