Trump might be re-elected in the 2020 Presidential election


There is a highly likely chance which says that the Democratic Party might not come to power in 2020. So, this is a piece of bad news for the Democrats as they won’t retake the White House from Trump.

Amid a tumultuous time, Rahm Emanuel is going to step down from being Chicago’s mayor. Emanuel has served for two terms and became one of the best mayors of all time. Emanuel is well aware of how he can ace the forthcoming 2020 election. Previously Emanuel was one of the key operatives in White House for Bill Clinton. On the other hand, Emanuel also served as the chief of staff for the former president of America, Barack Obama.

Rahm is also famous for orchestrating the takeover of White House in the year 2016. Back then he was the chairman of the campaign committee for the Democrats. Given that Rahm is not so popular, but he is well-known to drop the best F-bombs in the last decade. He is one of the rare politicians who knows how to play the hardball when it is necessary.

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Rahm’s Insight for 2020 Presidential Election

If an experienced politician feels that the Democrats are in grave danger, then who are people to deny. Recently Emanuel underwent through an argument, in the report he wants the Democrats to pay the necessary attention.

Emanuel feels that the Democrats were able to regain control over the White House because of a single advantage. The feat was possible due to the firmness of the moderate candidates of the party.

As of now, these candidates are likely regarded to be some of the extremist members of the party. Trump has a great trump card which he is going to use in the 2020 elections. The only trick that will decimate the hope of Democrats is if Trump will brand them as a socialist group in the US.

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