Trump is still trying to protect the “Courageous” Paul Manafort


The former chairman of the campaign for Donald Trump, Paul Manafort will be seen heading back to the court sometime in this week. Amy Berman Jackson, the judge overseeing the case said that Manafort has conspired against the United States of America. Manafort had an active part of the conspiracy to the obstruction of justice. It is interlinked to his present-day interest to foreign powers. By the looks of it, Paul Manafort might face at least ten years in prison for the conspiracy. And on the other hand, Manafort also has an additional 47 months because of fraud.

In the past couple of years, Manafort faced a lot of legal problems. Nevertheless, Manafort also has a serious advantage in this scenario. He is gaining sympathies from the man who has the power of pardoning him.


Trump reportedly scolded Manafort vehemently and deemed him as a nuisance. During the first year as a president, Trump along with his party people went out of their ways. Later they decided that the role of chairman of the campaign was not important. Some of the party people also blamed for the downfall of Trump.

The sources which are close to the president said that Trump did not come up with a rapport. Trump strongly felt that Manafort is nothing but an irritating stage manager. According to Trump Manafort came to the president with a lofty sum of baggage. This eventually made the Republican government get rid of Manafort at the beginning of 2017. Sean Spicer, press secretary of the White House, said that Manafort played a very short role for a short period.

But things are looking different now. The president is has replaced the annoyance he used to have for Paul Manafort with absolute pity. The president even went as far as to say that he has deep respect for Manafort. Donald Trump feels that Manafort is an extraordinarily brave person.

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