Trump initiates a political war to survive

Donald trump

Trump initiates a political war to survive

By the looks of it, the entire story about Donald Trump is all about surviving and fighting. He is also widely known to be a professional cheater. Time and again this is more or less what is going on with President of the United States of America. Well, as of now, he is battling the greatest fight of his life – the fight to become the president of the United States of America.

As of now, Trump is going through tons of investigations which originates from numerous consortium committees. Apparently, tons of other national bodies are going after Trump such as federal and state prosecutors. A special counsel, as well as private litigants, are also after Trump. Long story short, Trump’s entire career as well as his personal life is facing a brutal backlash. By the looks of it, the fight is just beginning.

If there is anyone in America who can go through such a dangerous phase of relishing struggle, then it is Trump. The current president of the United States is doing everything he possibly can to keep his political career alive.

Trump used to go to the New York Military Academy when he was young. During his time in the esteemed institution, Trump learned the most important thing of his life which changed him. Then a teenager Donald Trump learned that surviving is everything in life and life is all about surviving longer than the rest.

Trump never forgot what he learned from the Military Academy. This is the reason why reputational hit, legal battles, bankruptcies, and personal scandals don’t affect the president at all. And now the country is going to get involved in the most extravagant struggle for survival to date. This time the President is looking forward to surviving in both political and personal scenario.

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