Trump FINALLY Admits Biden Won Election, But Adds’I concede NOTHING’ & Says Voting had been’Rigged’

Votes Still Being Counted In Several Key States & No Winner Has Been Determined In Presidential Election

Trump FINALLY Admits Biden Won Election, But Adds’I Urge NOTHING’ & Agree Voting had been’Rigged’

For your very first time, it seems that president Donald Trump has admitted that president select Joe Biden has won the election. Now (Nov. 15th), Trump tweeted that Biden won

“since the election was rigged”.

He lasted, considering that the ethics of this election composing:

‘NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS permitted, vote tabulated with a Radical left privately owned firm, Dominion, using a terrible reputation & buttocks gear that could not actually qualify for Texas (that I won with a good deal!) , the Fake & Silent Media, and much more!’

He continued, stating Democrats’stole’ the election for Biden.

He later noticed that he’s still not’conceding’ into Biden, regardless of what his former tweet might have indicated.

‘He just won from the opinion of this FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING!’

He included,

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‘We’ve got a very long way to go. This is really a RIGGED ELECTION!’

Trump has claimed without proof that the election had been stolen with tainted votes.

As mentioned previously, Biden attained greater than 270 electoral votes following his triumph in Pennsylvania. He has 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232 as a consequence of wins from two longtime Republican countries, Arizona and Georgia, CNN jobs — much over the 270 threshold which Biden had to clinch the presidency.

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