Trump Files Lawsuit To Stop Vote Counting In GA!!

Trump Files Lawsuit To Prevent Vote Counting In GA!!

The Trump campaign originally filed suits to prevent ballot counting in Pennsylvania and at Michigan — and also has registered one to prevent vote counting in Georgia.

The litigation has been filed in the Superior Court of Chatham County, that comprises Savannah — also Biden was winning the county with an 16-point margin within Trump.

The effort is accusing the Democrats of stealing the election.

“We won’t permit Democrat election officers to steal this election by President Trump with overdue, prohibited ballots,” deputy campaign director Justin Clark said in an announcement. “President Trump along with the Georgia Republican Party have filed lawsuit to demand each of Georgia counties to different all late-arriving ballots from legally cast ballots to ensure a free, fair election where only lawful, legitimate ballots count.”


It looks like Trump is only a sore loser. It’s anticipated that Republicans are successful in Georgia county — but Trump’s initial semester was difficult to condone for individuals who voted in 2016.

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