Trump: Federal Aviation Administration of the US is put to ground all the Boeing 737 Max planes

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This week on Wednesday the president of the United States came up with a new development with Boeing Max airplanes. The Federal Aviation Administration is going to put all the Boeing 737 Max planes on the ground effective immediately. This move from FAA came into being after a hostile crash in Ethiopia which has reportedly killed around 157 people. Eight people among the 157 people were Americans.

Soon after FAA came with an announcement regarding changes in the flight plans immediately. Each plane in the Earth’s atmosphere reached to their specified destinations. Trump said these plans did not take off because of the implementation of the rule by the FAA.

Till now nobody knows as to why the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines took place. This is the second time that the crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 plane took place in five months. Back in October 2018, one of the Max 8 jets met a devastating end. And the October 2018 crash killed around 189 people.

FAA’s Move to Investigate the Crash

According to the national authority FAA, none of the planes are going to take off until the investigation is done. FAA also said that the investigation is going to gather from the site of the crash. On the same day, they are going to analyze as to what is the reason behind the plane crash.

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According to Trump, the national authority is also going to record and examine the data records from the crash site. Most importantly they will grab the evidence from flight’s data record and voice recorders of the cockpit. The order is even for every last one of the Max planes entering going to enter the US airspace.

The decision came into being after the agency gathers the resulted data to carry out with the gathering process. New evidence was confiscated from the site of the crash, and it is going to come into analyzation ASAP. The newly found data of the satellite that is available to the FAA is the reason behind the withholding.

Trump wants the FAA to get to the bottom of the crash which washed away eight American lives in the crash.

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