Trump: California, You Are Going To Hell!!

Trump: California, You're Going To Hell!!

President Donald Trump is likely to acquire 2020 elections and jumped on Twitter to haul the country of California — stating it is likely to”hell”

“California is going to hell. Vote Trump!” “New York has gone into hell. Vote Trump!” “Illinois does not have any place to move. Sad, is not it? Vote Trump!”

All these governors have criticized that the Trump adminstration’s response to this pandemic.

Trump tested positive for COVID-19 less than two weeks ago but has been performing public appearances. His doctor claims that recent evaluations demonstrate he is no more testing positive for the virus.

On Monday, President Trump said he’d give fans at his Florida campaign rally”that a big, fat kiss”

“I will walk inside, kiss everybody in that crowd,” Trump said. “I will kiss the men and the gorgeous ladies.”

Trump has continued to downplay the intensity of the virus even over 200,000 American expiring in coronavirus.

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