Trump Blessed in Las Vegas Church, Pastor Says God Told Her He Will Win Election

Trump Blessed at Las Vegas Church, Pastor Says God Told Her He'll Win Election
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1:39 PM PT — Seems like Trump went to his own pocket to Get a donationa into ICLV Sunday, Hammering a few 20-dollar bills… and Turning them up Several Occasions over.

President Trump provides offering when attending Church services in Las Vegas


— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) October 18, 2020 @Breaking911

He dropped it at the collection bucket which was moving around.

President Trump became a part of this church-going audience this weekend and his existence transferred a warrior to forecast he would find a 2nd triumph… and also Trump returned the favour by telling the pastors that they had been rough round the edges.

DT attended a ceremony Sunday in the International Church of Las Vegas… using Pastors Paul and Denise Goulet officiated. It had been the sight — even Trump stood awkwardly with his hands , straightened by Hope Hicks and Kayleigh McEnany… nobody sporting masks.

Up Donald’s street, undoubtedly, but it is exactly what Pastor Denise ranted and raved about that really destroys the series… she says she’s a hint from God in 4:30 this morning… the Trump’s getting the next four decades, however she had a humorous and confusing manner of describing it.

She stated that his”second triumph” would arrive in the shape of a success in the polls; she said he would find a second”second triumph” with a new shot of energy… just like a runner close to the end line and who is out of breathbut nonetheless manages to electricity through the end.

Ultimately, Pastor Denise said he would find a second”end,” that she awakened to the Holy Spirit. We think she’s some of these”second triumph (Id )so” mixed up, but anything… Trump was enjoying it all exactly the same. Paradoxically, Trump has shown of late he could, indeed, get pretty winded.

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International Church of Las Vegas

Anyhow, the couple finally invited to this point to bless him which was just as embarrassing because his sermon from afar — and finally given him the microphone to share a few words, and that is when he informed the rustic duo they had been rough round the edges.

Originally Released — 11:22 AM PT

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