True Nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika

Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika which is also known as Gomu Gomu no Mi has become part of the discussion among the One Piece community. The real name of the Luffy’s Devil fruit has surely created a buzz. Everyone thought that the protagonist’s devil fruit was among the useless bunch, however, turns out it’s one of the best.

In the world of One Piece, devil fruits are the fruits that grant users insane abilities once eaten. Luffy had also accidentally eaten one of these fruits and it granted him the ability to become rubber-like. Let’s discover the true nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika.

True Nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika
True Nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika

True Nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika

As per the Gorosei, they’ve been chasing Gomu Gomu no Mi for a long time but they haven’t been able to get their hands on it for the past 800 years. It seems like devil fruit is getting away from them and this is entirely possible because Zoan types have a will of their own.

Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika is a Zoan type mythical devil fruit that is considered to be the rarest in the world of One Piece. Gorosei believes that this fruit has the most ridiculous power in the world. It gives the user a body of rubber in combat and they’re only limited by their imagination on the battlefield.

Mythical devil fruits usually refer to the creatures who are mythical in nature like Buddha or Phoenix that we’ve seen so far. However, Nika seems to be something that Oda has created specifically for the world of One Piece. He is one of the four gods that have existed in the past.

Like Buddha, Nika seems to be another god who has the ability related to rubber. It is quite unusual but Oda has been foreshadowing it for a while now. Luffy’s devil fruit is a Zoan type and it grants him the abilities of Sun God Nika.

True Nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika
True Nature of Hito Hito No Mi: Model Nika

What are Its Other Characteristics?

While we know that the Nika model has endless possibilities, it’s truly not just limited to what a rubber can do. In the last panel of the last chapter, we saw Luffy conjuring lightning which has no relation to rubber.

This may be just an indication that Model Nika is truly capable of performing godly things like Gorosei mentioned. The sky is the limit for this devil fruit and whatever its user imagines turns into a reality. So far, we’ve just seen glimpses of it but soon we will discover more.

What are Other Such Devil Fruits?

In the Skypie arc, we learned that there are four gods which are God of sun, God of Rain, God of Forest, and God of Earth. The God of Sun is Nika whose devil fruit is possessed by Luffy. As for others, we don’t know yet.

Many fans are speculating that Dragon might have a devil fruit that is related to God of Rain since we’ve seen him bringing thunderstorms before. As for God of Forest, many are picturing Green Bull acquiring that power since we don’t know much about him.

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