True-Crime Movies That Are Not Scary

When coupled having an all-star throw, the true-crime genre falls down the spooky psychological-thriller bunny hole and edges on terror. If you are not in the mood for a scary picture filled with gruesome murders, then it is still possible to find an adequate choice of true-crime capabilities. By way of instance, less-terrifying selections comprise Lorene Scafaria’s glittery Hustlers along with Tom McCarthy’s understated Spotlight. You will also find a great helping of humor heist movies in the nonscary true-crime genrefrom Catch Me If You Can into American Hustle. At the same time that you might experience mild swearing and violence in these types of pictures, you will not be scared to switch off the lights after completing them. Looking to find that correct of scandalous fact with no nightmares? Read on — we have piled up nonscary true-crime pictures which you could stream at this time!

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