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Tron launches its blockchain based game in association with Bitguild

CEO and founder of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun introduced first blockchain based game on the TRON network to surprise the whole world. The Bitguild team has put a lot of efforts regarding the development of the game Magic Academy.

The BitGuild team comprises of various cryptocurrency and gaming experts all around the world, including former employees of Facebook, Reality Squared Games, and other reputable tech companies. Justine Sun is acting as an advisor to the company.

With the help of blockchain technology, they can track and verify the integrity of transactions in the gaming sector. However, the company had many riddles earlier related to frauds in general. This might even cause a loss of several billion dollars annually.

The Team gave more emphasis upon the specific features that players should have the opportunity to customize their players and digital assets as per their convenience. Moreover, developers have an opportunity to create and sell their digital assets more reliably and securely. Not only, but blockchains are also scrutinizing digital assets from their values and scarcity. It leads to raising the demand of the CryptoKitties games.

The game Magic Academy revolves around the wizards and the team elaborates that buying wizards will improve the currency in this magic world. There will be a specific trend of listing, through which we can determine the speed of players worldwide. And there will be rare and special prices for players to fascinate them.

Justine Sun was quite busy updating the investors and enthusiasts regarding TRON developments. He also revealed several things during his announcement and even came up with some updates regarding business prospects in the coming years.

According to Justine, Tron has already burned 98%of its ERC20 TRX tokens, the worth of which is around 97 billion tokens. TRON has already escaped from Ethereum blockchain and has defined that how it will integrate with BitTorrent during their next purchase. Meanwhile, he explained that Tron found few more users after its Mainnet launch as compared to Ethereum.

Magic Academy is struggling hard and finding more gamers. There is an excellent association between Tron and BitGuild to develop more potential and to attain success.

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