Celebrities respond to the news that Travis Barker has been hospitalized for pancreatitis:

Travis Barker Hospitalized for Pancreatitis: Stars React

Pancreatitis has apparently taken a toll on Travis Barker’s health.

These include Nausea, Vomiting, Fever, Low Blood Pressure (hypertension), Rapid Heart Rate (arrhythmia), and Severe Stomach Discomfort.

Pancreatitis, according to many people who spoke to TMZ, was the cause of the rocker’s hospitalization on Tuesday. A colonoscopy may have sparked it, according to the media site. The 46-year-old had a colonoscopy recently, but the specific date is unknown.

According to a source, Entertainment Tonight has also been told “Kourtney and Travis were worried about Travis’ illness and the pain he was experiencing in his abdomen. In order to get him to the hospital, they contacted 911. Doctors believe Travis has pancreatitis after interviewing him and conducting a series of tests.”

A request for comment from Fox News Digital was not immediately returned by Barker’s and Kourtney Kardashian’s representatives.

Travis Barker Has Been Hospitalised in Los Angeles and His Daughter Has Asked for Your Prayers, According to Local Media Reports.

Kardashian, 43, was by Barker’s side as he was taken to the hospital on Tuesday. The drummer of Blink 182 was rushed to West Hills Hospital for what appeared to be a terrible condition, according to the media site. Alabama Barker, his daughter, requested prayers on Instagram, where she had a large and engaged following.

On top of a blank screen, the 16-year-old typed, “Please send your prayers.” “God saves me,” Barker tweeted earlier that day. Machine Gun Kelly’s Hulu documentary, “Life in Pink,” premiered Monday, and Barker may have been talking about a song from the film.

Medical professionals at West Hills Hospital recommended that Barker be transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center via ambulance, according to the report. A stretcher was spotted carrying the star.

In the hours following Barker’s visit to Cedars-Sinai, Landon Barker, Barker’s song, performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City alongside MGK, 32, in their “Die in California” duet.

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