TRAI claims Broadcasters Have’Total’ Flexibility to Cost Lines

TRAI Revises Rules for DTH, Cable TV Tariffs: What Has Changed for Consumers

Attempting to re concerned broadcasters, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said on Monday the recent alterations to the air tariff regulations wouldn’t impose limitations on the marketplace players and there’ll be’total’ flexibility to allow them to cost their stations.

The announcement came following several big tv broadcasters of the nation on Friday criticised that the law, stating that the new norms would enforce limitations on costs of compensated stations and might eventually lead to certain stations going from business.

The National Tariff Order (NTO) came into effect in February this past year and the ruler on January 1, respectively 2020 announced modifications to this NTO that’s currently known as’NTO 2.0′.

“It is very important to remember that the broadcasters are still complete flexibility to cost their station as Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of some station stays in forbearance,” TRAI said in a statement.

It stated that NTO 2.0 prescribes linkage involving a-la-carte cost and fragrance by mandating that amount of these a-la-carte stations in a fragrance won’t be greater than 1.5 days to this of floral cost.

“It’s also prescribed state which MRP of an a-la-carte station shouldn’t be greater than Rs 12 a month to become a part of this fragrance that was Rs 19 earlier. These measures become necessary to curtail manipulation of pricing centre by couple of broadcasters,” the announcement said.

The ruler said in the announcement that following execution of NTO, several broadcasters improved their station costs dramatically, which in many cases were greater than 100 percent.

Terming such cost growth as anti-consumer, TRAI said it considers that crystalline mechanism has to be embraced to promote marketplace discovery of station cost, but any effort to scuttle consumer decision either via non-transparent pricing methods or other comparable means have to get discouraged.

It mentioned that the changes deal with the issues faced by those customers, while balancing the interests of broadcasters in addition to the supply system operators (DPO) to make a level playing field. These alterations are to tackle particular anomalies on the marketplace which demanded inspection for attaining the orderly development of the business, TRAI added.

It said the amendments deliver proper period to stakeholders for execution.

“Broadcasters will publish revised MRP of all a-la-carte stations and bouquets from January 15, 2020. In the same way, DPOs may publish revised offerings on their site from January 30,” it stated, including the change come into effect from March 1, respectively 2020.

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