Tradie body scrub advertisement discontinued for usage of boombox at a tub

The Inspired Unemployed returns to launch Tradie's body wash

An advertisement for Tradie body scrub was discontinued after customers expressed concerns regarding the prospect of electrocution brought on by means of a person pulling out a boom box from beneath the water in a tub.

The complaints had been lodged to the business watchdog Advertisement Standards, with special focus on the potential for young folks to replicate the usage of a stereo from the bathtub which needs electricity from a socket in lieu of a battery.

The advertisement contains comedic duo, The Inspired Unemployed, in the tub together. As you gets his hair another generates the boom box in the water.

Tradie didn’t directly reply to the security complaints in its own submission to the board, but instead said it is advertisements were written with its own target market of”Mum’s who perform exactly the entire body wash buying for their own families” and men elderly 18-26, at your mind.


The manufacturer just referenced which the boom box employed in the advertisement was battery operated, therefore less harmful to maintain the tub, in its reaction to the panel’s judgment.

Throughout its deliberation the board recognised that the boom box was battery operated and its usage in the tub might lead to injury but not death, nevertheless young people and kids wouldn’t know that.

The depiction of this electric device around water has been decided by the board to be against clear public security messaging and existing neighborhood standards on security, and so held the complaints.

Tradie reacted it had been disappointed but accepted that the panel’s judgment and stopped the advertisement.

Public complaints were lodged concerning the advertisement depicting two guys in the tub together and also the’improper’ character of this pairing, however the board dismissed the complaints because the advertisement doesn’t allude to gender or sexual behavior and the sex of celebrities in advertisements isn’t a depiction of novelty.

Tradie welcomed this judgment, saying”we are very thankful the complaints mentioning two guys in a tub and people sexuality were disregarded.”

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