Debunking Million Dollar Listing Tracy Tutor’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

tracy tutor plastic surgery

When someone is in the spotlight, their fans are more likely to speculate about whether or not their appearance is completely authentic. It should not have come as a shock to anyone when Botox was brought up in conversation with Tracy on her first appearance on the show.

Tracy has been on fans’ minds since the new season premiered on December 23rd, and they’re wondering if she’s had any more plastic surgery. Let’s look at her replies and go over her prior Instagram photos…

Has Tracy from Million Dollar Listing Undergone Surgery?

tracy tutor plastic surgery

Tracy has declared that, as of September 2020, she has not undergone cosmetic surgery.

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent posted a gorgeous photo with makeup artist Hailey Hoff on September 20. Tracy wore a bronzy makeup look that Hoff developed and looked as gorgeous as ever. She wrote, “My boo is back,” evidently happy that her makeup artist was returned.

While it is unclear whether she has had any subsequently, she told a fan who commented on her look. They scribbled, “Wayyyyyyyyy too much botox  She stated:

To be clear… I have not undergone any facial plastic surgery. And, to be clear, if I decided to get plastic surgery, who are you to judge what makes me feel better about myself? Thank you, and good night.


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While she does appear different in earlier photos from 2019 and prior, Tracy’s appearance has not changed significantly since she dismissed the claims last year.

But, it is probable that the Bravo star got filler, which is considered a cosmetic operation. Tracy, on the other hand, appears to contour her face on a daily basis to create the appearance of a thinner nose.

She does not appear to be 47 years old, and she is devoid of wrinkles!

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How Old Is Tracy Tutor

Tracy was born on August 11, 1975, thus she is 47 years old. She is in a relationship with Erik Anderson, who is 26 years her junior.

When pressed by the producer, the realtor disclosed her boyfriend’s age on national television. “I’m like, you know, a cougar,” she stated on video.

Erik, though, appears to have built a deep relationship with her two children, Juliet and Scarlett, who are 15 and 13 years old, respectively.

Tracy, on the other hand, is frequently questioned about her true age and plastic surgery. “Don’t exhibit emotion, but put your insecurities on full display through plastic surgery, fancy dresses, young partners […],” one viewer said in a remark to Tracy.

Despite Tracy’s book, Fear Is Only a Four-Letter Word, in which she reveals many of her own personal experiences and advice to assist others to acquire more confidence, the assumption continues.

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Tracy’s earlier photographs were investigated

Tracy seems drastically different in previous photos, primarily from posts prior to 2019. She appears to be more natural, with less bone structure, and she does not appear to dress as glamorously as she does now.

Her nose is also a lot broader and less defined around the nostril area than it is now. Tracy was practically unrecognizable when she welcomed her first kid into the world!

Some may believe that the Million Dollar Listing star appeared older in the photo below than she did in recent episodes, despite the fact that it was taken 15 years ago. Her natural lines, such as those beneath her eyes, are visible.


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Today, the realtor never appears to leave the house without a full face of makeup on.

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