Tory Lanez Pleads His Innocence About Instagram Live: It Is Falsified Information!!

Tory Lanez Pleads His Innocence On Instagram Live: It's Falsified Information!!

Tory Lanez chose to Instagram Live to immediately deal with shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. 

He claims that he’s innocent.

“To the past 3 weeks of my entire life, I have been inside this area where I have been bashed, I have been cut , only people each and every day only coming , arriving in me, arriving in me,” I explained. 

Lanez accused Thee Stallion of lying.

“It is falsified info, it is false info and it is not true info. I never want na come off as I am here to party this woman or I am here to talk about this woman or ever be in a location where, for example, I am disrespecting her, as to me, like a individual, she is still my buddy. Regardless of what, even though she does not look like this, I look at her as if she is still my buddy.”

Twitter seemed alongside Lanez… and went to haul him Twitter.

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