Toronto is obtaining a restaurant about hummus

Toronto is getting a restaurant all about hummus

Kensington Market is going to have a restaurant specializing in the king of Middle Eastern drops: hummus. 

They are a few months behind schedule however a brand new company, known as Abu Hummus, has declared they’re eventually gearing to open up their doors 119 Baldwin St. following week. 

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The restaurant — that specializes in organic hummus,” as stated by the site — takes on the aged AAA Army Surplus,  that has merged with its sister shop Lookup & Rescued throughout the road. 

It is Abu Hummus’ just place, although there is no menu on their site, it is fairly self-explanatory exactly what they will be supplying.

In accordance with this brand, they will be paying homage to additional”mythical hummus restaurants” globally with their take this basic chickpea dip.

A tantalizing movie in their Instagram also indicates we will be responsible for plenty of tahini and olive oil also. 

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