Tori Spelling Slams Plastic Surgery Rumors!

tori spelling plastic surgery

Tori Spelling is putting an end to rumors that she had plastic surgery recently.

How Plastic Surgery Rumors Went Viral?

Last week, the actor posted a picture of herself and her hairstylist wearing matching denim jumpsuits. Some critics started to wonder if Spelling had had plastic surgery because she looked a little different.


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The 48-year-old appeared on Sirius XM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” show on Thursday and said that she has heard some people say that she spent $100,000 on plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it’s just makeup that’s making the star look a little bit younger these days.

“First of all, I now work with a great makeup artist. “Her name is Hailey Hoff, and when it comes to contouring, she’s the best,” she said. “I look like a different person. I look like I’ve had a nose job and it’s straight now.”

Lewis was pretty impressed, and he decided that he needs to try contouring for himself.

“So it’s shaping the face? I have to do that on the show, “he said.

During their interview, Lewis also said that Spelling might look young because she recently did exosome therapy, which is a skin care treatment that can help skin look younger.

“It could also be the exosomes,” she said. “The people who say I had plastic surgery say my skin looks perfect, so maybe I do look younger.” “They said I looked about as old as Snooki. She’s 33. I’m like, ‘I’ll take that.”

“Exosomes are what it is, I’m telling you. He said, “I told you it was the fountain of youth.”

Spelling told People magazine in 2019 that she has had to deal with rumors about plastic surgery ever since she was a teenager on “BH90210.”

“Don’t worry,” I remember my dad telling me. It will go away next week.’ But that one thing has stuck with me for the rest of my life “she told me.

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At the time, the mother of five was open and honest with the magazine about the plastic surgery she has and hasn’t had.

“I had my nose and my breasts changed, and that was it. I keep getting told that I’ve done more, “she told me.


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