Top 10 Friendship Day memes on internet – 2019

Friendship day 2019

Friends are one of the relations which human-made by their choice after getting some sense. When we have a lot of friends, we choose a few as our best friend and celebrate Friendship day with them on 4th August every year. Social media is full of memes on this day and everyone is celebrating it with their buddies. Some are bullying their best friends as it is a part of their love and some are thanking others for being a part in their life and make them happy and support in different situations.

Everyone has some dark phases in life and some unknown situations to handle and in that part, they can’t involve their family members and then a friend comes along and support and take us out of the situation.

Friendship day memes 2019:

Meme 1.


This one is the starting of a new friendship relation that will give you a lot more support in the near future.


Meme 2.

This is relatable to the maximum for us. We all have given this same look in our school and college days.


Meme 3.

Best Friends knows our every single dark past and sometimes they troll us with that. And that all looks so satisfying.


Meme 4.


Meme 5.



Meme 6.



Meme 7.


Translation: At friendship day, is it necessary to upload your whole gallery on WhatsApp Story.


Meme 8. – Image source:



When your best friend proposes the girl you both like

Friend 1: In every friendship, there is a limit and you crossed that limit today.


Meme 9. Image source – nojoto



Friend 1: When you are giving a birthday party.

Friend 2: Now its time to the underground.


Meme 10. Image source – Gadget Freeks



With this beautiful message, we wish you a very happy friendship day and remind you that sharing is caring. So share this page with your friends and enjoy.

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