Tooheys Extra Dry’s brand new brand platform adopts ordinariness

Tooheys Extra Dry's new brand platform embraces ordinariness

“It is sort of similar to the beer that you settle for if you have run outta that the fantastic stuff. You know, you are in a spouse’s something or cocktail, and you check the esky and there is nothing but a few Extra Drys, just floating in the icehockey. And you are thinking for yourself, you understand’Who brought them’ However, you split into’em anyhow.”

Tooheys Extra Dry’s brand new brand stage observes being’Proudly Ordinary’, beginning together using the Betoota Advocate along with Big Lez roasting the beer throughout picture, electronic, societal, and outside of house.

“I do not actually drink the things that even when I am being fair, but you understand that a cashie’s a cashie, am I correct?” The advertisement, a drama on Large Lez’s The Mike Nolan Show, proceeds.

The new parent firm, Lion, stated being regular is currently Tooheys Extra Dry’s”fact”.


“Working together 72 and our lovely partners meant actually possessing our new fact — observing the proudly standard — and we are thrilled watching it outside in the entire world,” explained Lion’s new manager, Amy Darvillsaid

72 and Sunny additional the manufacturer understands exactly what it is: a normal beer.

“We wanted to adopt and reevaluate what was happening in civilization Tooheys Extra Dry has been known as a normal beer, that’s the fact,” explained head of merchandise Luke Martin.

“The manufacturer understands exactly what it is, and also what it is not, there is no BS, it’s proud to be normal. It is not every day that you receive a customer partner convinced enough to make this sort of effort and it has been an great experience working together with the group at Lion to find this job out to the world”

Large Lez thanked Tooheys Extra Dry for its”cashie” on Instagram

The stage will last being encouraged before the conclusion of the calendar year, with additional collaborations with Inspired Unemployed, Struthless along with Gocsy to emerge.


Customer: Tooheys Extra Dry / LionCreative: 72andSunnySydney networking: UM

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