Too Close ending explained – Tragic Yet Hopeful Conclusion

Too Close ending explained – Tragic Yet Hopeful Conclusion
Too Close ending explained – Tragic Yet Hopeful Conclusion Too Close Episode 1: Pictured: EMILY WATSON as Dr Emma Robertson and DENISE GOUGH as Connie Mortensen. For further information please contact: [email protected] 07909906963

Too Close is a tale of two women who find themselves in the same shoes but different spaces. It is a story of Emma, a forensic psychiatrist, who is trying to save her client Connie who has been accused of almost killing herself along with the two children.

Currently institutionalized in the medical centre, her mental state is unstable however Emma believes there’s more to it. Being in a similar situation in the past, Emma sees the resemblance in Connie and takes her case to the court.

Connie on the other hand has a hazy memory and no remembrance of the event that transpired on the night of the accident. Through solving puzzles and resolving weaved threads, it’s up to Emma to save her newly found friend in Connie.

Too Close Ending Explained

So was she able to do it? Did Connie commit this adversary in full consciousness? Let’s dissect the main events of the movie as we lay down the Too Close ending explained blog for you.

Connie’s Past

Connie has a rather delicate past associated with her. She and her husband decided to have an open marriage however, the idea didn’t turn out to be beneficial. When her husband Karl started an intimate relationship with neighbor Ness, Connie’s mental state started deteriorating. Adding her mother’s death, she became the slave to prescriptions and drugs that kept her at bay.

It only needed a trigger to do something unthinkable. When she saw her husband and Ness engaged in romance, she rather perceived them as monsters. To save the two kids from these two “monsters” she took them in the car and accelerated the paddle to the fullest. And just as it goes the tragedy occurred when she almost killed the kids and herself by driving the car into the water.

What Did Emma Do?

Emma had a mirroring past where her mistake leads to the death of her kid. She approached Connie to take her case to the trial, understanding the mother’s circumstances. She treated Connie to ensure her recovery to the fullest extent.

In the end, she appeared in court and laid down the truth about Connie. Her lines “Who knows what any one of us is capable of given the wrong medication and the right triggers” reverberated throughout the court as Connie recovered the sense of her consciousness.

Did Connie Get Free?

Did Connie Get Free

At the end of the movie, we still see Connie in the medical center getting the treatment. So it’s kind of unclear whether she was given a green tick or not. However, we see her meet the kids which indicate, she is slowly breaking the shell that encapsulated her in the past.

The future of Connie is unclear but we hope she will recover soon and start over again.

Emma’s Concern

Interacting with Connie, Emma started finding herself in her shoes. Having a correlative past, Emma starts doubting her husband because of the case with Connie.

However, that speculation comes to dismissal when she finds out her husband is not involved in any affair. It’s surely a happy ending for both Emma and Connie as they come to find their true selves and strive to improve.

What do you think happened to Emma? Is she going to remain in the medical center all her life or see the sun out one day? Comment down what you think down below. We post more movie reviews and updates on our social media, make sure to follow us.

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