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Toni Morrison nobel prize winner dies at 88

Toni Morrison nobel prize winner dies at 88

The notable Nobel Laureate in the field of literature, Toni Morrison, whose work explores the lives of colored people in America has died. By the looks of it, Morrison did showcase how the Americans did treat the women of color. However, the phrases of her books did resemble incantation and luminosity.

According to several literature experts in the world, Toni Morrison was a marvelous writer in the world. Sadly, On Monday, Toni Morrison passes away in the Bronx at the age of 88. According to a spokesperson, the reason for Toni Morrison’s death was pneumonia. Nevertheless, Morrison left a mark on the world of English literature that will inspire generations to come.

The achievements of Toni Morrison

Ms. Morrison was the first-ever African-American lady to win a Nobel Prize in the field of literature. In the year 1993, Toni Morrison won the Nobel Laureate award for her outstanding contribution to English literature.

So far, Morrison did write 11 critically acclaimed novels along with several collections of essays and children’s books. Among all of her works, “Song of Solomon” is one of the greatest literary pieces of all time. Morrison did also receive the National Book Critics Circle Award for the work in the year 1977. On the other hand, Toni Morrison also won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the year 1988 for “Beloved.”

Toni Morrison will not be forgotten from the minds of Literature fanatics

Some critics also say that Toni Morrison was one of the rarest authors that the world ever found. The books by Ms. Morrison were both commercial and critical successes. Moreover, the books by Toni Morrison did regularly appear in the list of the bestseller of the New York Times.

On the other hand, Toni Morrison did feature multiple times on the club concerning television book by Oprah Winfrey. Some of the greatest elements of Toni Morrison’s stories were the mingling voices of children, women, men, and ghosts in an independent melody.

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