Tommy Lee promises to stop America when Donald Trump wins the election

Tommy Lee vows to quit America if Donald Trump wins the election

Tommy Lee has threatened to stop America when Donald Trump is currently habituated.

Tommy Lee

The Motley Crue rocker continues to be a vocal critic of the present president and that he can not consider anything worse than him winning another term in office in the next month’s election.

He explained:”DudeI swear to god if this happens then I am coming around to see you. I am out of this. I will return to my own motherland, return to Greece and receive a home on a few of those islands”

The 58-year-old drummer is not much of a fan of Trump’s Democrat rival, Joe Biden, possibly but believes it’d be better to make a change within the White House to determine whether he can perform much better than the”dreadful” present leader.

Talking to Big Issue magazine, he also explained:”It is so bizarre since our choices are not good either way. The man who’s our president today is simply performing a f****** dreadful job and he is a ****** moron.

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“However, at some stage you have got to cut your losses, is that at least much better than what we had happening? That is sad when it’s the only alternative that we’ve.”

Tommy believes the strangest thing about the direction battle is that he thinks the rest of the world are laughing in the usa.

He explained:”What bothers the most is I feel as if we are embarrassing. I feel as folks in Europe and the rest of the planet consider America and think,’What the f*** are you guys doing there? Quit voting for actors and get someone genuine to conduct the nation.”

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