Television Guitarist Tom Verlaine Dead At 73: Real Cause Of His Death

Tom Verlaine was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was best known as the frontman of the New York City rock band television. Tom was born Thomas Miller in Denville, New Jersey, on December 13, 1949. Later, he moved to Wilmington, Delaware, with his family at age six. Tom began to study piano while he was young, but in the middle, he switched to saxophone in middle school. He switched to the saxophone after hearing Stan Getz. Also, he was inspired by many other artists. Tom was also interested in writing poems and poetry from an early age. As a teen, he was friends with future bandwidth.

Tom Verlaine’s Cause of death

Tom has lived his life to the fullest. He was a star among other stars and is now forever remembered as one of the most influential stars of the 70s. The guitarist and co founder of the 70s rock band television is now dead at the age of 73 in New York city. A representative shared the devastating news on January 29 “he was noted for his angular lyricism and pointed lyrical asides, a sly wit and ability to shake each string to its truest emotion”

His fans state that his emotion and imgaintions will be missed. Also there is no report about the couase of his death. Later, his representative says that he passed away due to some short illness. Tome changed his surname to Verlaine after paying a visit to his homage to the 19th century french poet paul maria Verlaine.

However before he went into guitar and started writing lyrics, verlaine began harboring his love for music through piano and saxophone. He used play these instruments as a child. Also he was a teenager when he decided to pick up a guitar and start to play it. Toom also formed a band group named Neon Boys.

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Tribute’s To Verlaine

Verlaine may have died but his legacy will not end. His legacy will continue to live and his contemprories as well as the artist that came after him will make sure of that. Many of the famous artist including Omega, Mechael Stipe gave tribute to Tom Verlaine. He was such a piece of gem. The music industry has lost a precious person.

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Verlaine’s Career and Life

Verlaine was in discussion with Jeff Buckley to produce his second album before buckleys death by drowning in 1997. Verlaine guested a s a guitarist on numerous releases by other artist, including the album Penthouse by the band Luna. He also played on patti Smiths Grammy nominated “Giltter in their eyes”.

This was not the first time when he has collaborated with his romantic partner Smith. Four years earlier he played on the song “Fireflies” from her 1996 album Gone Again. Verlaine was also part of the million dollar bashes a supergroup also featuring Sonic Youth.

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