Tom Felton Admits He has Located a Villain Scarier compared to Lord Voldemort

Tom Felton Admits He's Found a Villain Scarier Than Lord Voldemort

He Who Should Not Be Named has some diehard contest on the market, as stated by the dark magician’s former cohort Draco Malfoy Tom Felton.

Yes, even providing Lord Voldemort a series for his, er, Galleons is none aside from A Babysitters Guide to Dragon Hunting’s Grand Guignol, also called the boogeyman and Felton’s most up-to-date character. 

“The sultan of anguish, the master of menace, the kneader of accusations. . .He is rather a frightening personality,” Felton only told E! News. “He’s creeping from cabinets and he’s waiting to pounce. Voldemort is somewhat more evident. You can not overlook it, do you really? But he is also probably a great deal worse to socialize with.”

Regardless of the Grand Guignol’s nightmarish reasons, Netflix’s boogeyman definitely has more pleasure inducing wicked compared to Lord Voldemort ever did. “He’s using a ball, he adores that,” that the Harry Potter alum clarified. “He totally revels at the opportunity to bring some sacrifices to life. Regrettably, it does not go to plan”

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