Tokyo Toni Blasts Wendy Williams With Details Of Alleged Sexual Behavior & Drug Use

Tokyo Toni Blasts Wendy Williams With Details Of Alleged Sexual Behavior Along With Drug Use

Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni gave fans a whole earful of claims from discussion show mogul Wendy Williams through an using All The Armon Wiggins Show.  Tokyo Toni opened about an outing she experienced Williams at June 2019 to get L.A. Pride.

Throughout the meeting, Toni shared Blac Chyna needed a party bus to get her relatives and friends to ride to the Pride parade .  The story starts to unfold once Chyna and her mother get off the bus in a hotel in Beverly Hills to pickup Wendy Williams along with also her childhood companion, Robin. (View the meeting video under )

Based on Tokyo Toni, the team went into L.A. Pride and prior to taking the point, Wendy supposedly stated,

“that I must visit the toilet”

Toni indicated that Wendy Williams participated some type of drug usage, stating,

“B*tches at Hollywood they do so, trust me that they do so. They will have the ideal designer medications outside here.”

Tokyo Toni, who has been proven to feud with Wendy previously continued to burst the bunch, alleging that in one stage in the bus she started showing her private parts into this safety guard whilst flirting together onto a dancing pole. Wendy allegedly started”walking round the rod real hot,” and based on Toni:

“She says,’I could provide you all this’ and pull up her shorts and begin showing him that the de ***y and whipping it”

Wendy Williams, Tokyo Toni

Though Tokyo Toni shared a particular adventure with that night, Wendy Williams gave her very own accounts through an event of The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy stated,

“’trigger when we spoke, you’re huggin’ me and cryin’, also me personally you, Chyna, we spent all day together and it was excellent. And you kept telling me ‘Wendy, thank you’ Like I’d somethin’ to perform, I figure, she would believe, together with bringing them back together”

Watch the clip under.

Wendy Williams hasn’t yet reacted to the promises.  Share your ideas together about Tokyo Toni’s narrative.

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